Max Wilbert is a writer, photographer, and activist focused on stopping the destruction of the planet. His work encompasses grassroots organizing and non-violent direct action as well as writing, photography, and video to support these efforts.

His photography interests include environmental conflict zones, adventure, science, and remote sites. He often photographs as a service for NGOs, environmental scientists, and community activist groups.

Max studied Environmental Advocacy and Communication at Western Washington University's Huxley College of the Environment, and has received awards for his conservation photography. Most notably, he documented a climate science expedition to the Russian arctic in 2010.

Recent and ongoing projects include an effort to stop the destruction of Pinion Pine and Juniper forests in the Great Basin, fossil fuel resistance in the Pacific Northwest, and solidarity work with indigenous communities. Max is currently working on a book about the harms of green technology. The organizations Max works with most are Deep Green Resistance and Fertile Ground Institute.

Max earns a living writing for a variety of small businesses and non-profits, and lives in occupied Kalapuya land in the southern Willamette Valley.