Coho Salmon

November 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
A coho salmon heads upstream on a tributary of the Siskiyou River in this photograph from three weeks ago. We saw about 30 salmon in this small stretch of the creek, but none further upstream or downstream — not a single fish. We heard that the biologists are confused as to why the fish weren't heading further upstream despite the heavy rains. These fish are in trouble. Their populations are at a fraction of healthy levels.
And now the latest news is that the State is not implementing new logging rules for increased "buffers" along streams in this watershed. They will remain at 20 feet in this area. There are clearcuts all around. The water is warmer and more silty than the salmon like. Threats to these fish abound. They don't just need buffers; they need industrial civilization to stop all it's assaults against the planet. This is what I fight for and I invite others to join me in that fight.


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