Protecting Nevada Forests

March 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I call this photo "Nevada Sky." As always, you can click the photo to purchase prints. I took this photograph in November, when I was touring around eastern Nevada as part of an investigation into the destruction of Pinyon-Juniper Forests by the Bureau of Land Management.

What they are doing is really bad, not least so because they are hiding behind the guise of "restoration." The BLM and rangeland scientists (both dedicated firmly to protecting the interests of public lands grazers in most cases) have spent the last two or three decades building a "scientific" case for killing Pinyon Pine and Juniper forests.

Their justifications are many, including "restoring sage grouse habitat" (of course, they refuse to address the overgrazing, which is the worst impact), "encroachment of trees due to fire suppression" (historical records actually show forests inhabiting many areas they claim are being 'invaded'), and "water use" (as if native plants are somehow "stealing" the water from the land, rather than using it and making it available to other creatures).

With these flimsy arguments they've been able to build a multi-million dollar, decades-long program dedicated to destroying Pinyon Juniper forests. They've already killed hundreds of thousands of acres of forest, and mean to kill millions more.

Click here to join the email list for the campaign; we're going to need lots of help to stop this destruction.



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